Blue Hem


Hello, Queen City!

I believe in “quality vs. quantity” when it comes to clothing in general now that I’m getting older and that is especially true when I’m shopping for jeans too. Finding a high-quality pair that you love AND that fits good can get difficult though…well until now. Charlotte got a one-stop shop for both men and women to find a solid pair of jeans and it is called Blue Hem. This speciality store is newer to the South End area which helps you avoid the stress of the mall. They even have a small selection of apparel and accessories too.

I really fell in love with their concept when I saw they carried my favorite local t-shirt company, 704 Shop and a couple local, Charlotte jewelers like Erin McDermott.  The adorable owners AND sisters left the corporate world when they decided to finally open their dream store. Today, the two take pride in helping shoppers find that perfect fit and believe Blue Hem is especially helpful for those with insecurities about their body/sizing.


Vanessa (pictured far left) said “they want to give a tailored experience to each customer based on their likes, dislikes, height, shape, size and really just what they feel most comfortable in wearing…” I personally experienced this when I stopped in and actually ended up finding two pairs of jeans that fit me phenomenally and don’t ride down at all.

I haven’t invested in a nice pair of designer jeans in about a year, and before that two years, so it was definitely time! I also loved how Suzy (pictured left of me) wasn’t afraid to tell me her personal thoughts when I needed a smaller size in these ripped in the knee, darker, skinny jeans by a NYC brand called 3 x 1.


I love this wash and how it makes it easy to dress up like I did above, but I have also worn them dressed down with a t-shirt plus some cool sneakers. The best part about owning a nice pair of jeans is once again the quality of the material they are made out of and it does make a huge difference when it comes to comfort.

Also, the store’s crisp, clean, and chic look makes it easy to find what you’re looking for instead of searching through racks in a department store… or being limited to a small selection in a boutique. Speaking of selection, Blue Hem’s is unreal. They carry my personal favorite brand, Raleigh Denim  and all types of jean colors, lengths and sizes.

Second look that I bought? These high waisted, white, multi-button shorts by James Jeans. They are sooo comfortable and don’t stretch out after wear. TBH, they have been worn every week probably since I brought them home. I promise I’m not the only one raving on this new addition to South End though!


I sent my guy friend who grew up playing basketball because he lives in the area. It turns out, he found some of the best jeans he’s ever owned for his heighth and sizes that he could only find online.  I loved hearing this and hope this helps if you are on the search of either another local place to support or a perfect pair of premium blue jeans. 

For you foodies like me, you may know where the new Blaze Pizza is, and they are located right next door. For more information, you can visit their site and I hope you all have a great rest of the week. I’ll be starting another GIVEAWAY soon so you better stay tuned.




Hux Cleaning


Happy Tuesday! Excited because I think my blog post today will be very helpful to all and it’s also not limited to specific age or gender. I’m informing you on the convenient, chic, cleaning service that is now available in our city called HUX. The company picked Charlotte as their second one to launch in and first started in Atlanta, GA.

I love reviewing brand new services that save time for my followers. Plus, like I’ve mentioned in the past posts, I also love to support local start-up companies trying to make a creative and awesome concept happen. Well, Hux is  doing exactly that in the world of connecting local cleaners and those in need of one!

Here’s a glimpse of what this easy as 1-2-3 and trust worthy site looks like:


Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 11.36.38 PM

With having a big dog and being busy in the media field, I’ve been talking about getting a cleaner to relieve some of my stress. BUT, after a Google, didn’t even know where to start or who to trust to come in my home. That is one of the main reasons I loved Hux.

Hux is filled with reviews and options that make booking someone easy. I scheduled for Emily to come by entering my zip code, scheduling the time online, and giving her all my complex instructions via the site. She then texted me day of to follow up on her arrival.


I booked a basic cleaning from her and the results were honestly life changing. You could do the same or they even offer some options to upgrade in some areas. For example, say you were moving and wanted the oven cleaned, fridge cleaned, etc. which I found super cool! Another cool fact about this service is it’s actually statiscally the same price or cheaper to book through Hux.


The particular cleaner I had did an amazing job and was very personable. I can’t wait to have her come back and wouldn’t worry at all what she was doing if I wasn’t home when it comes to my valuables. She even said she would’t mind my dog there. When it comes to finding the one for you, they have plenty of options to book from on their site !

Another side note about booking with this company is that it doesn’t have to be far in advance. What could be more relieving that a last minute cleaning service when you have a friend coming into town (or maybe even your rents)? That’s the second best thing about Hux. Since it’s scheduled nice and savvy online and shows so many options all over the Charlotte areas, they offer clients the opportunity to find a cleaner for their place in some cases with only 24 hour notice.


As you can see above, my West Elm, white, and HARD to clean furniture, was looking perfect. If you need some help around the house too, Charlotte, here’s a chance to try Hux. My promo code to use for $10 OFF your first booking is QCCHICDEAL.

Hope you are having a great week so far and as always, stay tuned and much love,


The Ruff Life


Morning, Queen City…

Sorry for the wait. As you can see, I’ve been traveling, giving more away on my page for y’all to enjoy, and guest writing on other Charlotte blogs! But I’m back in full force with a review on one of the most helpful local services I’ve used this summer, The Ruff Life.

The Ruff Life was more than clutch when my whole entire family had to take off to Wilmington for a wedding last month. I really only trust my them with my doodle son. Yes son, he is my baby boy, and I have a extremely hard time leaving him with just anyone! Noah is a handful at 70 lbs, just one year old, and full of energy. So, I gave Maggie (pictured bel0w with one of her clients) a shot.


Maggie Ruff, owner and founder of this pet sitting and walking business, really impressed me the moment I met her. Not only because like I mentioned in my last blog, I respect young woman entrepreneurs, but also the fact she was such a dog lover. She has a heart of gold and I immediately knew Noah was in good hands.


Boy, I was right! Noah had a blast while I was gone. I got updates via Snapchat, text, and on their Instagram @the_ruff_life. He got to play with another doodle she was watching, Paddington, and go “pawty” at a Memorial Day cookout with even more dogs. Maggie was sure to ask me first of course, and texted me many questions that made me feel like she genuinely cared about Noah’s comfort and mine as a crazy dog mama.


I’ve heard of a lot of places to board your dog around here, but none with such a personal touch. She offers overnight pet sitting in your home, or even her home, and also offers daily check-in visits. If you’re out of town, the company offers house tending too, such as watering plants, getting mail, etc.

What areas does she serve? Her services are available from Uptown to Waxhaw, but primarily in the Myers Park, Dilworth, South End,  and Madison Park areas. They also aren’t limited to dogs if you have some other pets in mind, by the way!


I love this local business and am going to be doing a lot more traveling in the future with my blog and success growing. I will now be heading to NYC, LA, and some other surrounding cities more often to learn from others and I can say this with excitement all thanks to The Ruff Life.

To see these dog lovers in action or for more info:
Visit her and her website coming soon

Have a PAWESOME day everybody. Next up on the blog? Skyview Dentistry in the Epicentre. It’s going to be a great week, so don’t miss out on more QC information.

With love,



Three07 Collection


Morning and happy “Fashion Friday”! A special blog secret (shhh) is that in the near future, you will be able to shop my styles. I’ve also been connecting with even more amazing brands like this one, Three07.

This Southern chic woman’s clothing brand is sold in the department store, Belk, where I discovered it recently. I not only love their clothes, but the story behind them. I’m passionate about turning dreams into a reality because that’s exactly what I did, and these creators too!

The two women met in college, were inspired, and paired up as a team to design this collection which ended up being one of the five winners of Belk’s 2015 Southern Designer Showcase Winner. I can believe it because their clothes are not only gorgeous, but also of great quality.

It is most ideal for contemporary, classy, younger women and they specialize in dresses, tops, and skirts. Both Three07 looks I’m sharing on the blog today are bright, fun and flirty. Starting with the “Emily Maxi”.


The high neck cut has been and is still very in right now. My closet is full of it, so I loved a new dressier addition. This floral dress is stunning and perfect for a beach wedding or for a more casual night out to dinner.


I chose to dress it up for a formal event here in town with basic tan heels, a clutch, and big diamond studs. What’s great about this is that it can be dressed up OR down… and same goes for the “Heather Blouse”!

527A3915I paired this ruffled, fuchsia top with some torn white shorts. I accessorized with a simple gold tassel necklace, heels, and shades for a day of South Park shopping and brunch at Café Monte with my girls.


Another idea on how to style this feminine top would be tucked into a fitted black skirt, with a turquoise necklace, and close-toed lace up heels for work one day. I hope you’ve enjoyed these current seasonal styles and as always, stay tuned for more local trends on my Instagram @queencitychic.

If you’re wondering where to find Three07 Collection in Charlotte, it is right at Belk at South Park Mall, as well as online at or 

If you are in a surrounding state, here are the Belk’s that offer it too:

Atlanta GA – Phipps Mall

Birmingham AL – The Summit Mall

Raleigh NC – Crabtree Mall

Winston-Salem NC

Mt. Pleasant SC

Columbia SC – Columbiana Mall

Greenville SC – Haywood Mall

Franklin TN – Cool Springs (Nashville) Mall



Hydrate Medical


Yep, it’s time! Time for the lowdown on another amazing and local Queen City company. This one is right on East Blvd. and is called Hydrate Medical. I posted this picture of me below getting treated at their professional hydration clinic on my Instagram [@queencitychic] and I immediately received LOTS of comments and questions …What does this place do? Does it really work?

Basically, you receive an IV filled with saline and the vitamins your body is in need of. They have various packages to choose from to help guide you. Not to mention, the nurses on staff there are very helpful when picking a treatment and can do so for you based on how you’re feeling. For example, my friend and I went together, and each got a completely different drip to rejuvenate us for our busy lifestyles.

Being a PR girl and entrepreneur, I have no time to feel under the weather.  For those that need to get back to work and have little time to rest, the Hydrate Jet Lag is a lifesaver. It includes water fluids, antioxidants, B12, Super B vitamins, Glutathione, and Vitamin C. It also helps treat stress and fatigue. My friend who’s a fitness instructor at Orange Theory Charlotte received the Hydrate Athelete one to help improve sports performance and to overall stay hydrated of course.

There are several other things this clinic can treat too. Like I mentioned already, jet lag, sports performance, also, viral illnesses, hangovers, and overall skin appearance! I have tried it twice for two of these different reasons and now I’m a firm believer that it works. In fact, only twenty minutes in the drip I felt my body strengthen and temperature (when it was a bit high) lower. It was so neat!

Their relaxing setting and chic, contemporary decor is on point too. They have several rooms for you to get treated comfortably alone in or can even do group treatments.  Their famous Epic Hangover drip is ideal for a big bachelorette party to continue the fun!

I usually just kick back and relax. They offer complimentary snacks and coconut water, have big screen TVs, and always hook you up with a blanket or pillow if you request it.

I can definitely say that next time I’m fighting a stomach bug or hangover, I’ll be back here before wasting my day away in bed. It helps you recover your wellness without a trip to the doctor so I wanted to fill you guys in. I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

It’s Friday tomorrow!

More Info on Hydrate CLT

Beads, Inc.


Happy Friday, fashionistas! From now on, my “FriYAY” blog posts are going to cover my favorite recent fashion finds. This way, I can help you keep even more updated on all the chic, Charlotte looks.

I’m starting with a hidden GEM I visited a couple weeks ago. I had never heard of Beads, Inc. until I was recently chatting with one of my friends in a boutique who makes her own jewelry by hand. Not long after our talk, I had to go see this place for myself. It is basically a beautiful house off Providence Rd. that is full of beautiful beads, tassels, stones, strings, and the list goes on. It has everything you need to make any kind of jewelry you imagine or you can shop their finished (and GORG) selection made by in-house by the staff. During my visit, I decided to do both.


A fun fact that I loved is that they are actually named to be Carolina’s foremost source of beads, jewelry supply, and instruction. You can tell from the photos that their selection is basically a dream come true. Or at least mine! A whole tray of drusy stones? To die for!

Anyway, back to my visit, I began by collecting items that I adored all around the house in a basket that they supplied. It is two floors so by the time I was finally done gazing at all of the options, I joined the ladies in the design studio to put together some of my goodies.


I am always in need of new necklaces because I like to switch up my outfits with them, so I decided to make two longer ones to style with a plain tank and sleeveless dress. I am loving the blush pink right now and as always turquouise, so we measured out the perfect length for me in each color. I really like that it is made out of a soft, deerskin leather too. Next, I just added my tassel and horn, along with some beads, and check out my two fabulous finished products!


With the help of the staff and in no time, I had crafted my own look no one else in this city will have and a huge plus, at a great cost. The supplies to make these were so reasonable and there is no boutique up charge. I’m already wanting to go back because I thought the whole process of designing was super fun and then it was even more fun to wear what I made myself around town.

I paired it with a pink tee, strappy black bralet, and black jeans last week.


Also, if you’re worrying about not being able to make one yourself, then don’t. You can do something simple like me and they will be right by you in the studio to guide you through the whole process. They do offer regularly scheduled classes with more instruction too!


If you’re interested here is their site for more info: Click Here



Uptown Errands


I love to highlight and share more about local services… as you can see in from last blog post, which is about a craft beer delivery service. Now, I’m going to share all the details with you about on another one of our city’s most convenient companies, Uptown Errands.


Here I am above with the owner of the company, Kadie. She is a brilliant #bossbabe who has a background in event planning at one of the most beautiful hotels in Greensboro, NC. She is good at dealing with high stress situations and her business helps with exactly that!

Instead of stressing about the random errands or things to get mark off your to-do list, Uptown Errands takes care of it for you. I decided to try it one week recently when I had literally had no time in between several fashion and food events.

I simply went to her site and booked the errand I needed to be done- which was a run to my favorite spot, Target. Also, my ladies will understand the glory in the fact that this was the ONLY time I’ve spent my money on exactly what I needed from there.

Uptown Errands brought everything to me on my random list in no time AND for not a bad price at all. Honestly, I would’ve paid more to have some of these items in my hand!


As you can see, I was in need of a clutch to carry for an event, dog bones, coconut oil spray, tea tree oil, and some gift accessories for my best friend’s upcoming birthday gift.

My adorable labradoodle approves the service. I like to get him those particular bones at Target that are “Made in the USA” so he was especially glad about this delivery.


This local, Charlotte company does much more than shop for you. They can tidy your house on a regular basis, send Thank You cards out, drop off your car for maintenance, or even organize your next travel itinerary. I will definitely be using this again.

P.S. She currently running a special that’s $25/week and includes: Grocery Shopping, Dry Cleaning Pick-up, and Home Tidying (quick dust and vacuum).

For more info: